Windows Phone Development

Hello future app developers!

I’m going to be posting a series of articles on windows phone 8 development.
(roughly one article per week)

I’ll be covering the basics from setting up the IDE & Developer account to creating & uploading your app with advertisements. I’ll be using Visual Studio 2012.

Here’s a rough outline of what I plan to show you:

  • Setting up VS 2012 & your developer account
  • Creating your first app
    • Basic content app (text-blocks, images, scroll-viewer, buttons, navigation,, pivot/panorama pages )
  • Adding advertisements
  • Using Gimp to create your logos
  • Uploading your app
  • Promoting & updating your app

I hope these articles help you guys out in your journey to being a successful app developer/hobbyist!

The only prerequisite is that you’ve done some programming.
We’ll be developing in C# (similar to Java) & XAML (similar to XML & HTML).

If you’ve never programmed before then check out a few C# & HTML tutorials first.

Bucky Roberts has 200 C# tutorial videos:

Code Academy has an awesome HTML/CSS tutorial section:

And remember,to have fun!

Creating something from nothing is an amazing feeling.
Once you’re hooked there’s no going back 😉

Below is a video showcasing Windows Phone 8:

Code on! 🙂


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