#1 – Setting Up IDE & Dev Account


We’re going to be installing & setting up Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK.

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
It helps the programmer out as much as possible, doing most of the donkey work for you.
You can develop Windows Phone & Store Apps with it (store apps being PC & Tablet).
You can also create various projects with other languages including (but not only) C, C++, F# and Visual Basic.

We’ll also be setting up your Windows Phone Developer account.

Setting up Visual Studio & Windows Phone SDK

-i3 processor or higher if you want to run the emulator, if you have an older processor then you can use a real device to test.

(i3 upwards has HyperV which is needed to run the emulator)

If you have a dreamspark account you can download the IDE here:
Sign into dreamspark here:

Or here if you’re studying in Ireland:

The only difference is, with dreamspark you can get the ultimate version rather than the normal express edition.
There isn’t much difference to be honest.

When you use the dreamspark version you still need to get the Windows phone SDK.
To do this, open up your newly installed Visual Studio 2012, click on File -> New -> Project… -> Templates -> Visual C# -> Windows Phone.
Here you will see “Download Windows Phone SDK”, click on that and it’ll download and install it for you.
Once this is done you may need to restart the program.

Otherwise use this link:
Download the “Windows Phone SDK 8.0”:

That download contains:
-Visual Studio 2012 Express (the free version of the IDE)
-Windows Phone SDK (tools required to develop phone apps)
-Phone Emulator (to test the apps)

After you click on the “Download” button to download the SDK you’ll be brought to a new page, this page contains instructions on installing the SDK if you’re having trouble with it.

Once downloaded open the file up, it’ll download the necessary files for Visual Studio Express and the SDK.

When it first opens, if it asks you what environment you want to develop in click on “C#”.

You now have Visual Studio 2012 (Express Version) and the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK installed, congrats! 🙂

Setting up your Windows Phone Developer Account


Next we need to set your Windows Phone Developer account up.

Go to the link below and click on “sign in”, in the top right corner


It may log you in automatically if you’re logged into your Microsoft account on your PC.
If not it’ll bring you to a sign in screen.
Sign in with your Microsoft account here (hotmail, live or outlook).
If you don’t have a Microsoft account then click on “Sign up now” at the bottom of the screen on the right.

You’ll have to enter in your details, which include your name, address, phone number, website, publisher name, bank details and a couple of other things.

The publisher name is what people will see on the app store so make sure to make it something good as it can be difficult to change later on.

Take some time to think up a good name.

Some people like to use their own full name, but I prefer to think of it as a company that I can promote, you can later create a facebook page with your publisher name as the title and post all your apps there.

I chose “Roncon Apps”, it’s an amalgamation of my forename and surname (Ronan Connolly) and I wanted to have Apps in the name for the promotion of the publisher name so that people new exactly what I was showcasing.

Your going to have to put in your bank details to pay for your subscription, It’s €14 per year which is a pretty good price, it’s then free to upload as many apps as you want.

If your an IT student you may have access to a Microsoft website called “DreamSpark”, if so you can get the subscription for free!
(You can get a redeem a verification code from DreamSpark that brings the developer account cost down to €0, they still need your bank details though :/)

(If you’re a DreamSpark user then go to the next heading [Redeeming your Windows Phone Developer Account Code] to see how to get the verification code, then come back here :))

Once you’ve paid you can access your account.
Whenever you got to this Windows Phone Developer website (http://developer.windowsphone.com/en-us), just sign in, then click on your email address on the top right corner to access your account.

Once in your main area is the “Dashboard”, this is where you’ll be submitting your app from.
You should be able to see the “SUBMIT APP” button on the left hand side.


I’m going to go through the process of getting that DreamSpark verification code next.

Redeeming  Verification Code from DreamSpark


Log into your outlook account:

Click on your name in the top right corner.
Click “Account settings”.
Click “Add or change aliases”.
At the bottom click “Add alias”.
Click “Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias”
Put your college email address in (the email address the college gives you at the start of the year).
Log in to your college email, you should have gotten an email from outlook to verify that you want to add it as an alias.
Click on the verify link in that email.

Sign into dreamspark here :

Use your college email to sign in.
(make sure to have the @example.ie extension on the end)
(You may need to have all caps)

In the search bar type in “Store”.
You should see “DreamSpark.com code to get free access to Microsoft Windows Store and Windows Phone Dev Center – DreamSpark – Verification code”


Click “Add to cart”.
Click “Checkout”.
If your details aren’t already filled in add them then click “Proceed with order”.

You’ll now get your “Verification code”.
If you have trouble getting the code go back to the description of the item.
It explains everything there.


Now you should have Visual Studio & your developer account set up, Congrats! 😀
Give yourself a pat on the back!
Seriously, setting up these things is always the worst part,
once you get going you’ll be flying.

In the next tutorial we’ll be going through the basics of Visual Studio’s interface and also setting up a basic app.

Code on! 🙂


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